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A complete history of the Yamaha Golf Car
December 1, 2012

A walk in time from 1979-2009, how the Yamaha Golf Car has revolutionized the golf car industry in a span of a few short years.

Yamaha Drive , YAMAHA PTV
November 1, 2012

Start with a golf car. Or better yet, start with an idea: that driving a golf car should be fun. Yamaha designed The DRIVE® PTV from the ground up to be more comfortable, more responsive, more drivable, more—can we say it too many times?—fun. Its technology, and its spirit, have more in common with Yamaha motorcycles, ATVs and watercraft than with ordinary golf cars. Add an optional 19-mph speed kit (electric cars only), and you’ve got the only golf car-based personal transportation vehicle that makes running errands so much (ready? Here it comes again.) fun. The DRIVE® comes with a 4-year limited warranty.* The Trojan batteries come with one of the industry’s best, a limited 4-year or 1,000 round warranty. And if anything should go wrong—hey, you’re dealing with Yamaha. We’re going to make it right.

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